Choosing Gemstone Jewelry for Extra Special Occasions

gemstone jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry

Peopleadorecarrying those ornaments which make them look dandy and beauteous. Being a retailer, it is your responsibility to provide them with the kind of gemstone jewelry that makes them flaunt in front of everyone. Let us discuss some of the best gemstone jewelry you can stock up as a retailer that everyone would love.

Larimar Jewelry

Is the bluestone, soothing the wearer, encouraging imagination, and pleasing them. The stone comes from the Dominican Republic of the Caribbean, and the beautiful stone is named after the daughter of the priest, Larrisa, with the starting four-letter, merged with the Spanish word mar, which means water. It is also called the dolphins stone or Atlantis stone because of its calming properties. Anyone could benefit from wearing these magical beauties, as they make honest communication and help overcome anxiety and stress-related problems. Moreover, it helps cool hot tempers, relieve stress, calm the fear, and bring wisdom to guide you to make a good decision.

Moonstone Jewelry

Is the shining silvery glow that appears to move like moonbeams recreating over water when the stone is moved back and forth. It is the stone that brings victory and good health, and wisdom to the wearer. The moonstone jewelry brings lots of good fortune and soothes and harmonizes the emotions of the person wearing the stone. Moreover, it helps in achieving clarity between the heart and the mind. When the stone is worn with the outfit, which has grace, the moonstone necklace or earrings will make it more gorgeous, and the wearer would look different and very impressive.

Turquoise Jewelry

Can be worn as a perfect ornament to compliment the outfit of the wearer, while wearing it on any day to make that day special and beautiful. The stone can be indistinct, or it can be semi-translucent, dull, and very flimsy. It also has white swirls bubbles on its surface. It is the first gemstone to be mined, having rich history with many interesting properties, and moreover, it is the birthstone for the people born in the month of December. Therefore, the intense blue color is in most demand. However, the color of the stone varies depending on the amount of iron and copper present. The formation of this stone is specific in Robin egg blue color. It is the stone that will sweeten impulse, terminating inhibition and proscription, permitting the heart to define itself.

Moldavite Jewelry

Is the earthy green tektile with glassy crystals that are powerful to create transformation. These transformation can felt while wearing the stone in form of any ring, earrings, or pendant. The stone removes all the negative energies and invites the positive points into the life of the wearer. Moreover, it will help the person connect the divine mind and be very beneficial while doing meditation.

The wearer can attain high spiritual power while meditating, and their impact is more than an atomic explosion. It is one of the most potent stones that looks very pretty when worn because it has a unique color. In addition, with Moldavite, the wearer can wear the Libyan Desert glass jewelry as the combination of green with yellow would look amazing, and the wearer can take the benefits of both the stone in context with beauty and healing benefits.

Opal Jewelry

Is the lucky for the ones born in October. Although, anyone can wear it as it carries good fortune, and it refracts the kaleidoscope of colors when altered in the light. It is known for its mystery and magical powers, and the fascination of this stone is very pleasing to get lost in the storm of light that happens within it, having the ethereal appearance.

However, Opal stones are found all over the globe, but the best Opal stones come from Ethiopia and have a precious look. In addition, these Opal stones contain water inside them as they are originated in the most dehydrated of the surroundings by the evaporation of the water. So, inform your buyers not to leave the stone near a radiator as parching out can generate a crack into it.  Instead, keep it safely wrapped in damp cloth in a separate pouch.

Where to Purchase These Stones From?

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